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Activity: publishing, exhibitions, symposiums, workshops, tenders.

The (public benefit) Hungarian Design Cultural Foundation was established in 1992 with the purpose of assisting the work of Hungarian visual and object-creating artists and teams who form the environment, safeguard cultural heritage and become one with it.

Founder and President of the Board of Trustees is Munkácsy Prize winner designer artist, corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts István Kulinyi. Founder Members of the Board of Trustees: Architect, interior designer and college adjunct Dr. Imre Balázs Szily; photographer János Györgyi. The Founding Board of Trustees recognised the cultural changes arising in Hungary after regime change and strived to achieve professional recognition for national designers, and for this purpose, they made an appeal to Hungarian creatives and collected materials from their works. István Kulinyi edited and designed the Design ‘92 and ‘94 books. Between 1993 and 1996, he edited a professional journal on graphic art titled Reklám és Grafika (Advertisement and Graphic Art), then he launched the tender “Step into the Future”.


Led by the current President of the Board of Trustees, DLA Habil Munkácsy Prize winner designer and university tutor, full member of the Hungarian Academy of Arts Péter Lelkes, books corresponding to the purposes of the Foundation are published, like the one titled Zsennye Design Workshop edited by himself and designed by István Kulinyi. Exhibitions, symposiums, workshops and tenders are realised.

The Foundation organised exhibitions and national design tenders titled “Step into the future” in 1996, 1998 and 2000 in the Palace of Art and at the Art Gallery of the Pesti Vigadó. As a sequel to the Zsennye Design Workshop created in 1978, every year the Hungarian Design Cultural Foundation has organised the most significant forum of the theory and practice of national and international design, the Zsennye International Design Workshop sponsored by the National Cultural Fund.   In the annual Design Weeks organised at the Budapest Technical University, the Foundation organises exhibitions and symposiums from the materials created in these Workshops, and they were also featured at the Fuga Budapest Center of Architecture in 2013. The Foundation, sponsored by the Hungarian Academy of Arts, organised an exhibition on the work stretching back 35 years at the Design Terminal.

The purposes of the Hungarian Design Cultural Foundation include the publication of books on design arts, like the one on the half century of Hungarian design written by Péter Lelkes in 2004 titled Art Designer, then in 2014, he also edited a book titled ‘Design35 (Zsennye, 1978–2013)’ realised with the sponsoring of the Hungarian Academy of Arts. A priority activity of the Foundation is to organise and conduct professional events and exhibitions, and to cooperate in creating historical and contemporary collections of design. In 2018, it will organise a design convention in the Pesti Vigadó in Budapest. The Foundation keeps on willing to be in contact and in collaboration with national and international design organisations, universities concerning its research and education innovation processes.




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